Lorenzo Donatella was born in Pescara on 01/01/1983. After graduating in sociology and specializing in Organizations and Social Relations with highest honors, he discovered a passion for photography. Several courses, workshops and much study. He managed a photography course in the medieval Castle of Nocciano (PE) in 2010, where he met his future wife.

"My ambitions were taking me to North America, in Toronto. We were already engaged and I appreciated so much that she did not object to this life experience that I wanted to do. After a few months since my departure she caught up with me and I felt a great joy: I knew it was the woman of my life. I organized a holiday in New York and on the Empire State Building I proposed"

His studio is in Catignano (PE) where he lives with his wife Maria Cristina and his daughter Azzurra.

He was a student of Stephen Schirato (New York Times, Vogue Italy, Le Figaro)